The days fly by as fast as the miles. We had such a good time in Medicine Hat, reconnecting with old friends and meeting many people. Good TV interview, good newspaper interview, and good meeting Monday night with about 50-60 people attending. Praise the Lord for open and generous hearts!

2022 06 01blog1

A be got to spend time with Clarence Knodel who is his spiritual father. Clarence is 91, but many long years ago (almost 60!) he and his wife took Abe into their family and basically modeled what a Christian family was about. Clarence has a passion for souls and he passed that on to Abe too. Many of those who had influence in those early years for Abe have gone to be with the Lord, but they had a wonderful time reminiscing. And Clarence and Eleanor still give thanks to the Lord in how He is working in their lives now, today. And in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

One of the ladies who worked at organizing our time in Medicine Hat was Cindy, who is the children’s pastor at Hillcrest Church—and Clarence and Eleanor’s daughter. We even shared briefly with the children Sunday morning and Cindy tied it into the theme of resilience which they had been studying.

2022 06 01blog2

God provided in a special way. Abe had noticed that the car was feeling a little strange, shaking a bit. Bev (a dear friend who did much to arrange interviews and care for us) called her son who works at a car place. So Abe took the car in and the mechanic drove about half a block and said “It’s your back tire.” The tire was splitting and, as is the way with cars, we needed to buy two new tires. So they started calling around to find a place that would have tires for this little old car. No luck so Abe came to me and we prayed together and two minutes later they found a place who was willing to try to do it in the afternoon, even though they were very busy. Abe was only there 20 minutes and they took the car and in another 20 minutes he was on his way back to the hotel! What a provision! And that we became aware of it when we were in a place with friends who had contacts to help us get fixed up!

2022 06 01blog3

Today we have the opportunity to visit people in Outlook, Saskatchewan and in Saskatoon. Always a mix of old friends and new ones. Always seeking guidance from the Lord of where He wants us and how we can connect and not just to raise money for Ukraine but to bless people. 1 Peter 3:9 tells us to give blessing even when people do evil! Well, we are not in that situation, but certainly if we are to bless people who hurt us we seek to bless people who are so good to us!

Bless someone today! So many times our thoughtless words actually are cursing another person, not bringing goodness into their lives. But we are children of light.

Thank you for praying us along the journey!