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We are traveling across the USA to the West coast, and then going north to Canada and traveling back to Ontario and then the States. Our goal is to talk to people all along the way about the needs in Ukraine and to raise support for the renewal of Ukraine. Money, yes, we are asking people to give $100. And time – for prayer, asking for God’s mercy on Ukraine.

We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Christian missionaries who have lived overseas for 39 years, working in Communistic countries. The past 32 years we have lived in Ukraine. YES, it was still under Communism when we moved here. Now we are saddened with Russia’s attack on Ukraine in an effort to again oppress them. There is very little freedom in Russia. After much prayer we have decided to do what we can to bring renewal to Ukraine—even in the midst of war—and definitely after the war. The physical devastation is horrendous. Over 4 million Ukrainian refugees are now in other countries, but we have millions more displaced people here.

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Al Baanna


It's been my privilege to serve in missions with Abe & Diane Bible continuously since 1983. At that time, we were serving together in a ministry of training church leaders "underground" in the old Soviet Union and Communist Eastern Europe, where such ministry was "illegal" and had to be done secretly. God has used them in a miraculously fruitful ministry since then, living in Ukraine since 1990, and doing extensive training for many thousands in both Ukraine and Russia.

Many of those involved in their training have gone on to serve faithfully in many additional countries.

Valery Antonuk

Head of the Evangelical Baptists Union

Abraham and Diane Bible have been missionaries in Ukraine for over 30 years. I personally know Abraham and have been working with him for 11 years. When Abraham began training ministers in the 1990s, there were 1,100 Baptist churches in Ukraine. Before Russia's full-scale war in Ukraine, the Baptist Union had 2,500 churches.

We appreciate the dedication of Abraham and Diane to the Lord and their love for Ukrainians. We pray that God will bless them during the fundraiser for the renewal of Ukraine. God bless you to spread the Kingdom of God.

Rusty W. Savage

EFC-ER Director of Multiplication 

Abe and Diane Bible have been trusted partners of the Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region (EFC-ER) for many decades, first as EFC-ER pastors and then as missionaries in Alaska and Ukraine. Their ministry has been characterized by consistent integrity, faithfulness, and joy. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue to partner with them in their work in Ukraine and wholeheartedly support and endorse their ministry.



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We have had some wonderful visits in the Seattle area...

We have had some wonderful visits in the Seattle area, all people we have known long, and some much longer than others! So many beautiful things. Saturday is the day I try to set aside for gratefulness in the midst of everything. So…We have traveled 3,000 miles already—safety on the road, good driving conditions—thank you Lord.

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Ah yes, another quick note.

And I probably will stop saying that whether the notes are long or short. It is unlikely I can keep up daily updates with travel and meetings. We have not been in the US for a week yet, and we have had 10 different kinds of meetings already.

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I could not help but weep this morning.

We just got word that Lena and her husband Sergei have somehow managed to get from Russia to Latvia. They have been so heavy on my heart. I can only say, THANK YOU, Jesus! I think from Latvia they will try to go to Poland. And I assume eventually back to Ukraine. Oh, pray for them and people like them who have been through such trauma. And all those who are still caught somewhere experiencing daily trauma and terror.

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Just a brief note tonight.

Abe is working on calling and scheduling meetings. Our greatest difficulty always is that churches only have Sunday morning meetings and we would have to stay here for a year or two to cover everyone on a Sunday!

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We are in the USA!

A few challenges with the travel, mostly meaning we got a lot of jogging in! But it went fine except that our luggage was not there in Chicago—still hanging out in Frankfurt.

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The devastation is huge. Ukraine needs your help!


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