God arranged some unexpected meetings and so we were in Outlook in the morning June 1 to meet with a Bible study group and share.

We went on to Saskatoon to meet with a family who have been friends for years (we’ve known Brad since he was a child!), and then back to Outlook for a meeting at the Alliance Church. Almost 60 people came with notice of only about 24 hours! They have a powerful grapevine!!!

2022 06 01blog1

I have mentioned Cheryl before (she works with Dan and Priscilla in their town). Well she is from Outlook. And her mom was there. (with us in the picture) She is one of my heroes, a lady who has willingly given her daughter to live so far away, even after she was widowed. A lady who doesn’t fret about her daughter being in a country at war. Yes, she told me it helps a lot that she can talk to Cheryl regularly with our modern technology, so she doesn’t have to wonder where she is or what she’s doing, but she has such a sweet spirit. We often think of missionaries and whatever sacrifices they may make. But there are many people behind the scenes who make an equal sacrifice and I think their reward in heaven will be just as great.

We really felt God just added these meetings so unexpectedly. Praise the Lord! We were quite exhausted by Wednesday night! But Thursday was quieter with opportunity to try to knock off some computer work.

2022 06 01blog2

And I get reports from our city every day. It seems like there is a memorial service for a soldier from our area almost every day. Last week in one day they held a memorial service for 5 men, all in their 30’s and had been members of our police force. All of them killed in battle. And this is the mourning that is going on in cities all across Ukraine. Such a huge loss of life. My spirit groans. And we pray on. And I know you do too.