Many we do not hear from because of where they are living. But the majority of the men Abe has been working with come from east of Kyiv, so unending challenges. And of all times the Word of God needs to go out!

I’m including photos received from 3 different men in different areas. Leading Bible study groups with non-Christians, making contacts on the street. Personal contacts all of them.


Oh Lord through all this suffering may there be a huge ingathering for your Kingdom where people can find the peace and joy they long for.

So have joy in knowing that there are faithful people out there continuing in their ministry.


I did read the testimony of one man who had had to leave the east when war broke out in 2014. He went to Bucha. Now he and his family had to flee Bucha with just a few documents and medications they desperately needed and found refuge with our church family. He has gone back to visit Bucha and he said from a peaceful beautiful town all that is left is devastation. The stench of death.


I constantly console myself with the fact that we have an Almighty God who is not asleep. I know He is collecting the prayers of His saints and preparing to do something. But we always long for it to be sooner rather than later. Revelation 8:3-4.

Today—I choose joy. We do have choices. Many times they are not the choices we want. But we need to make the choices we can! Joy does not mean there is no sadness. It means I choose to focus on His joy in the midst of pain and sadness. And in that there is solace.