Yes, that’s what praise means. Every day, all the time, rejoice, praise

  • The last workshop was a fruitful and spiritual time for all the participants. Several of the men did “examples” of how to lead a vibrant worship service—minus the sermon. Times of singing, times of prayer, times of testimony, times of discussion, times of fellowship. What a blessing for one and all!






And a time of growth for everyone as they learn from each other and from Abe.

  • Our documents were all fully processed! Another year in Ukraine secured. Joy! 😊

  • We had a wonderful few days at our daughter and son-in-law’s—Priscilla and Dan. They live in a very picturesque part of the country and we got to enjoy the outdoors several times with a picnic or just walks! Incredibly warm for this time of year. They live on the Dnipro River which is THE major river in Ukraine. And it was so restful for us.


  • We listened to a sermon online about generosity yesterday. It was so inspiring. And then this morning I saw a message with a chart from the mayor of our city. Five years ago, Ukraine was in 81st place in giving. A blessing of war? Certainly people are giving, giving, giving and helping wherever they can. No, not everyone. But, nevertheless, as we look at the Biblical principles, another opportunity for God to bless Ukraine. (Study by Charities Aid Foundation)



  • The most critical prayer request from now until the end of the year is that God would bring forward people who want to be involved in Centers of Hope. As we have said so often, people who have a heart to reach the lost and needy, compassion, and at this point, freedom from being drafted. We have lost some men who were drafted. Abe will be going to a conference on Nov 24-25 to acquaint people with what we are doing and invite them. Other leaders are also involved in trying to find these people. We need couples who have the Holy Spirit’s call upon them. Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide us in making the right contacts, and pray that He will call people, and that they will heed that call.

  • Ukraine continues to fight for freedom in the east. You know, territory is one thing. And legally that territory is Ukraine, which both Russia and the US agreed to honor some decades ago. But our concern is the spiritual impact where Russia rules. Here is a recent update:

On 22 September, a court in Russian-occupied Donetsk Region found two priests of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine guilty of violating Russian law on missionary activity. The Judge punished each with a fine of 30,000 Russian Roubles (a little over $300 US—a month’s wages) and "deportation beyond the bounds of the Russian Federation". Russian occupation officials earlier tried to pressure the priests to transfer to the Russian Orthodox Church. Armed men raided two Baptist churches in Zaporizhzhia Region and ordered a third to close.

These are just a few things that have been reported by a religious liberties organization. There is no freedom for evangelism in Russia. And churches are monitored closely. We praise God for the years we could minister there, always having been aware that it was a window of opportunity. Pray for freedom for the Gospel—in Ukraine, and in Russia.

So, we pray together don’t we? We rejoice in what God has done and is doing. And we pray for His Kingdom to continue to spread through this suffering, sorrowing world. Here is a prayer from Harvest Prayer Ministries that says it so well:

Precious Holy Spirit, You give vision and passion to those who long to seek God in prayer for the sake of and advancement of the kingdom through the preaching of the gospel.  Thank You that You trust me with the “highest ministry of all human offices” – the ministry of prayer, and may I be courageous and bold as I intercede, so that spiritual eyes are opened and hearts are prepared to hear and the good news of Jesus Christ and respond to His love.