This is a bit the “family” time of the year with our many November birthdays, so we enjoyed Daniel and Priscilla and Ellie coming to celebrate Abe’s birthday this past week.


And, an extra blessing, they decorated the whole house for Christmas! You may remember in other years how we have written that Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated January 7. Well, Dec 25 is now an official holiday, although many people will still observe the 7th. But, it does mean we feel a little more pressured to be timely in our decorating!


  • Right now we are dealing with some beleaguered marriages. Of highest concern are two church planters that Abe trained some years ago. Their wives want divorces. They are greatly different situations but we feel the burden heavily. Pray that we will have wisdom and opportunity to speak into their lives, that God would bring healing to their hearts and to their marriages. Divorce is now becoming a greater and greater problem in the church here. When we first moved to Ukraine it basically did not exist. …and how devastating when it’s leaders’ families who are breaking up.

  • The last workshop of the year is on Dec 5 and 6 (Tuesday and Wednesday). We have winter weather now with snow so pray for safety on the road for everyone. There will be a major emphasis on prayer. Pray that the Lord would speak to the needs of each heart, and that they will be open to listen for His voice. Prayer goes much better if it’s a two-way conversation! Pray for Abe and Vera as they try to encourage, counsel and direct.




  • Abe made some good contacts at the conference a week ago to keep the word out there as we look for more people to start Centers of Hope. Continue to pray for God to bring the people He is calling. And that they will be* responsive to His call.