Tuesday evening Nov. 15

Well, Abe walked out the door less than a half hour ago. Ivanka, our office manager, was chatting awhile and went out to close up the warehouse. I was standing in the kitchen getting a drink and watching her out the window, and suddenly I saw her move and look up to the horizon, and there was a glow and a soft boom—and the electricity was off. More missiles. She came back and said that they are hitting all across Ukraine again. It is 4:30 PM, so getting dark. Our generator is here but we did not get it finally hooked up. (I know how to start it though!) So I assume it will be a quiet, dark evening. I immediately filled pails with water because undoubtedly it will go off.


Usually when Abe leaves on a trip I fast for the first 24 hours. Now I shall have more time to pray. I won’t be ironing or dusting, or listening on the internet to the women’s Bible study I’m doing with a group—tomorrow (well, that was the plan). I won’t be working on my website. All these things were in “the plan”. Plans don’t mean much in these situations. I sit quietly in our central hall, our “safe space”. All supporting walls, no windows. Because we have no internet connection of course I have no news of what is happening. Or not happening. Lots of time to wait on the Lord. Listen to His voice. I will light some candles in awhile and write in my journal. The one between me and the Lord. I have about 8 hours on my laptop which will be more than enough for today. But I won’t be sending out the emails that were to go yet. Well, they will be prepared for that time.

Wednesday Nov 16

Well, today the world is right side up again in our area of the country. Millions of people were without electricity yesterday after al of the missile strikes. When I awoke at 2 AM our electric was back on. I switched our furnace back to running with a pump (much more efficient) and went back to sleep. There will be rolling blackouts in our city today, probably at least for the rest of the week. We will see if they will come to us or not. Last time we had not blackouts after the original hit. Russia spent almost 1 billion US$ yesterday for…. This was the largest attack on Ukrainian infrastructure since the first day of the war. Almost 100 missiles and drones. About 80% shot down. I can’t imagine what the damage would be if they all successfully hit their targets.

So, just a little life experience.


Abe and I interviewed a possible new member for our team. It looks like a good fit. She has a complete command of English and seems to have a willing heart. She is 21 and a college graduate. Wants to study further because she loves to learn. The “love to learn” part was important to me because some of the work that would be so helpful to me is definitely on the learning end. She is a pastor’s daughter and is active in her church and helping also with refugees. She is here right now because—she feels her country needs her. Thank You Lord for bringing this young woman into our lives.

Prayer requests

Do pray that in this ongoing chaos our documents for living here would be processed and finalized. Usually they would be done in two weeks but we have not heard anything, nor are we surprised. But it is an issue for various reasons.

Continue to pray about our house. For those new to our updates, we have lived in the same house for over 20 years, but the landlord died and the inheritor lives in Russia. We tried to buy it last January but she reneged on it. We have paid rent until the end of the year, but we have no idea what will happen. Obviously we would love to stay here. We definitely don’t want to pay exorbitant rent. And if the opportunity presents itself again, we don’t know if we should buy it or not. Just pray that God would be in this, open doors, close doors, protect us from evil. We do trust Him to provide, whether this house or someplace else. In some ways it’s a small matter in view of the war. But…we do have to have a place to live. And…a place for our office and warehouse.

The following is not original with me (I think I have few “original” thoughts!) but it spoke to my heart. From Headington St. Ebbe’s Church in Oxford, UK.

'When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.' (Isaiah 43 v2)

Someone has said, reading those verses: 'There is no bridge.'


In other words, God's people will have to walk right through floods and fires; we can't avoid them or scoot past or over them. We will have to endure difficulties and dangers, sorrows and trials as we go through life on the way to the new creation.

But this says that God himself will be with us at such times. Our sorrows and strains may rise to extraordinary levels and test us severely, but the Lord is equal to every occasion and present with us.

We can be sure of his presence and faithfulness in this regard, because he gave his Son to go through the waters of judgment on our behalf. What a God who is with us!