The conference last week was very blessed. Abe felt that God moved in the hearts of many people and that there will be long term benefits, not just in the Centers of Hope, but in churches who are seeking better ways to reach their communities and youth. Thank you so much for praying!


Attendance was good, but not as large as what Abe had hoped. But then, that is always the desire, to see more people participating. Praise God for the people who took the time to both learn and be blessed.

And God was taking care of things we didn’t even know about. Abe’s laptop looked like it was cracking open even though he hadn’t dropped it or banged it. He asked our tech guy to look at it right after the conference. Of all things—the battery was swollen—and with that the potential of exploding!! But it held together and now a new battery has been installed. (Rather old for a laptop, going back to 2016 or 17.)


We receive many testimonies of people whose lives have been touched by Abe down through the years. One man came to him not long ago and said he heard Abe speak back in the early 90’s and it moved his heart and he responded to God’s call to plant a church which now has over 200 members. It isn’t Abe. It is God. And that is what we are looking for now during all of these sessions and the people who come. For God, His Holy Spirit, to use our limited human efforts to speak and give direction and encouragement and ideas to prosper God’s Kingdom!


Right now Abe and I are taking another week of vacation (well, most of the time!) before the responsibilities of the autumn really press in. But Abe and Vera know that the direction now is for most of the leaders to back off of evangelism and focus on discipling the new believers. There is a nursery full of them! But babies need care. Without that they will not thrive, and some might not even survive. So pray for Abe and Vera both as they plan and focus on this area. And pray for these new believers to become thriving lovers of Jesus, growing and maturing.


Pray for the believers in Russia. Abe spent so many years training leaders there and working with them. One of the former presidents of the Baptist Union, whom Abe knows well and worked under and admired as a very Godly man, has been forced to flee Russia. He has been outspoken against the war with Ukraine from the beginning.

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