Natalia and Leonid had a beautiful Silver Anniversary celebration on the 16th. Natalia thanked us again on Sunday for coming and for all Abe did and prepared to make it a special celebration. The picture shows them with their 4 children and Abe doing an adaptation of the unity candle, including the children. They also repeated vows for their commitment to each other and took communion together. Every part a meaningful aspect of what marriage is about with Christ in the center. There were a number of refugees and unchurched people there whom they minister to regularly.


While we were enjoying our week of vacation in Kyiv, friends came to stay at our house again, just to have a break from their difficult living circumstance. And they took advantage of the opportunity to have some refugees in for a Sunday meal. So many people taking opportunities to touch lives during the ongoing stress of war.


And what joy! We went to our own church this past Sunday for the first time since my surgery! We moved down to the very front as it is a very large auditorium and in the middle where we usually sit I can no longer read from the screen. But I could participate again and it was wonderful. Nothing like fellowship with God’s people! I’m basically working fully on my computer now with a few adaptations to suit my present vision. But…it’s good to process almost all 200 emails that have been piling up!!!!



I will just give you one pressing prayer request. Abe has a huge meeting coming up next week September 4-6. He is expecting and hoping for 200 people or more, but we just found out that the center where he always has the meetings have another group coming in at the same time. So they only have place to sleep 100 people! We already have 130 registered plus our own team which will be double in size this time because of the extensive presentations he will be making. Vera is diligently combing the city to find other accommodations. The meetings are in Irpin just outside of Kyiv—a city that was bombed at the beginning of the war. It is a large city but many businesses are closed because so many people left. Pray that God will open up options. It means that the cost of the whole conference will also increase considerably, but…we just need to find lodging. And pray for all the final preparations this week which includes finalizing many things and printing a large amount of materials. Some of this has been on hold as we and others took vacation time.


Your prayers are valuable—and effective. Don’t ever doubt that. Our hearts are often lifted up by the knowledge of the prayer community that surrounds us.