• People continue to be saved and baptized. Because of my eyes I can’t read all that is recorded but this past Sunday 4 people (those with the flowers) were baptized in a Center of Hope in Dnipropetrovsk province. Praise God!


  • Abe received the following note from a young man who attending training in evangelism and church planting before the war began.

Brother Abraham,
Thank you so much for the time when we were together in Ukraine at your Bible education gathering. I am now living in Latvia where I have helped to start a new Ukrainian church and I am using the information I learned from you to reach other Ukrainians for Christ. You had given me so much information, and today I am able to use it to bless others! It is a very big blessing to me and to others in Latvia. Your ministry is very important and continues to make an impact around the world. Blessings to you in Christ's name!
David from East Ukraine, Donetsk region

  • And here is a picture of a dear brother who has also trained with Abe earlier in evangelism etc. He is someone who exudes joy in Christ. He was a soldier on the front and lost his arm months ago. Here he is, still smiling, still going on.


Glory to Jesus Christ!!! Thank you for your prayers, we managed to get a beautiful prosthesis for our brother Volodymyr! Please pray for my brother that the Lord blesses his return to Ukraine and the processing of all further military documents for injuries.”

David wrote this message as well.. He was a university student a couple years ago and visiting a mine with a group when there was a terrible accident, and he lost his leg. He and his father had attended monthly sessions very faithfully. Unfortunately, neither the mine nor the government provided much help. But God did!

I thought you would rejoice with us in how God is still using some of these men that Abe worked with before the war!


  • AND This is a testimony from Dennis who has had a Center of Hope before the war. Using the same principles that Abe uses now except with issues of using and distributing humanitarian aid, helping refugees, and focusing on more troubled areas.


I have been with the military on the front line for the fifth day. In the morning I decided to show the boys Christ in action. I found a tank with a faucet, a wash basin, a shelf, made a drain in the garden, equipped a place for hygiene. Before that, there was just a bottle hanging there. After that, the soldiers listened to the Word of God with pleasure and prayed.” Praise God! Many faithful people are out there trying to minister to soldiers on the front.

And why is this under prayer request? Pray for these soldiers who face death daily. Our neighbor lady talked with us and she is worried that her sons who are in their 40’s will be called up. One has a very high job as a programmist. The other one is a businessman. Right now recruiters are going from door to door—at 7 in the morning—and if a man is home he is sent immediately to the registration office. And yes, if you go to the center of our city about 10 or 11 in the morning, you will see a funeral, day after day. The war is real. It drags on. Men die needlessly. But pray that it would not be in vain. That ultimately Ukraine will be free from Russia’s invasion, and more importantly that because of this crisis many people will find peace with God. Jesus doesn’t offer the worldly peace. His peace is eternal.!

  • My eyes. 😊 They are driving me stark raving mad today. Very, very slowly some vision returns but it Is close up vision. It is wiggly vision due to the air bubble in my eye that is supposed to be absorbed. And it is like looking through a magnifying glass. Therefore, my eyes struggle to coordinate and today it is definitely aa no go! Next week I will go back for a checkup, and we will see. Thank you for your prayers! And please forgive me if I’m not responding to emails. Some day….