• As I write this the July workshop is winding down. I am finished but Abe is still working with people for another hour or so. It has been a blessed time for me and, yes, God did provide the strength I needed. I did sit down the whole time, but the feelings of weakness that I was having have all gone. Praise the Lord!

  • People were very engaged with the materials on Healing the Heart. Many of them had already been doing some of it—which is fantastic!

  • I saw the eye doctor on Monday and all is well at this point. I no longer have to wear an eye patch, and I’m just beginning to have glimmers of clearing vision. Encouragement!



  • Abe has been working on training materials for the fall time NOW, so that he can have more space to rest in August. The next workshop will not be until September 5 & 6 but he will be making a trip for a few days to visit some of the Centers of Hope at the beginning of August. Please pray that the details he is preparing will come together well so that he can have a good break.

  • Pray that Vera will also have some good vacation time. In the past she has spent at least a month or more in Crimea with her family, but with Covid, and now the war, she has not been back for several years. We are trying to help her plan some time away and clearing away some of her normal responsibilities so that she can find refreshment of soul and body over the next few weeks.

  • A nd yes, the war wages on. Andrei, who translates, said the downtown of his city of Sumy was hit by 4 drones just an hour before he and his wife left to come to the workshop…destruction, loss of life. And now there was another hit on the city of Lviv in a residential area with more destruction and loss of life early this morning. Intense fighting on the eastern front. Yes, there do seem to be some cracks in Putin’s authority. He can never come out of this as the victor and hero that he was aiming at. But, what will it take to stop it all? We pray on for peace. But also prepare for the fact that the consequences of this war will go on for years after it has all ended. Centers of Hope. We pray that every Bible-believing church will become a Center of Hope--if they are not already. And that God will bless this ministry of Centers of Hope with salvation for many! “Hope has a name—it is Jesus.”