We are still in the afterglow of the meetings last week.

Abe had an excellent meeting with the Center of Hope leaders who have moved to the next stage. Mostly now they are sharing with each other what works and –even what doesn’t! They all have different situations and are in different parts of the country. There are 7 couples in this group and he is working on helping them develop a bond, praying for each other, sharing together. Valodia, the soldier who lost his arm, was also there. He is excited to see what these groups are doing, has visited some of them, and also visited the church plants that have been established by men Abe was training earlier. One of these young men, David, lost his leg in a mine accident well before this stage of the war (yes, this conflict has been going on since 2014. Russia just stepped it up two years ago in an attempt to take over all of Ukraine). David, who attended the training with his father monthly even after he lost his leg, is now in Latvia and part of the leadership in a thriving church plant there. Valodia testified that he believes that a revival has started here in Ukraine.

From those 7 centers at least 20 people were saved in December.

For myself, we about 40 in attendance, and only about 4 had been there last summer. I can only say that the Lord gave me supernatural strength to teach from 9 AM Thursday to 8:30 PM 8 ½ hours that day, and on Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM, 4 hours. I honestly had no idea how I would be able to do that. So I can only attribute it to people praying and God pouring His strength through me. And that is affirmed by the fact that I was not tireder on Saturday than I would normally be with the hours of travel to and from Kyiv. Extraordinary! Praise the Lord.


A couple ladies came who were recently bereft. One lost her husband on the front 6 months ago and the other lost her 33-year old son on the front recently leaving behind 3 young children. The sorrow. But both of the ladies said they were really helped, and Vera said that it was the first time she had seen the one lady smile. Others are involved with trying to help displaced people or ministering to children and orphans in distress. Some are just wanting to know how they can do it—because we will be dealing with trauma for years to come.

One pastor came to me during the seminar and said he could not understand the materials when he read them through ahead of time. But when we actually walked through one of the exercises he said he encountered Christ in a way he never had before.

At the end many people came up to me and shared that they had learned so much and had enjoyed it. We were able to leave them with a number of resources, including two books that have been translated into Ukrainian, Passing the Peace After a Crisis, and Joyful Journey: Listening to Immanuel, besides the material included in the seminar. In addition we have set up a social media group with some links for them and the opportunity to add more info and to be in touch. And so, we will press forward and probably have another seminar in the summer, both for those who want to repeat and new people. It is a lot of material to grasp. Next time, we plan to do it in 2 ½ days to give more practical time—and more breathing time!


  • We are to sign a new rental agreement today. Please pray that it will all go smoothly. We do not know if the landlady will increase the rent. But we are doing it through a lawyer. As you may remember we have had more than a little grief in the past. Pray that the process will be peaceful this year. We have had a quiet year living here and amidst all the other chaos it has been such a blessing.
  • Abe has another workshop next week, the second in the training of new people, along with a group of people who are continuing training from last year. Last time there were some coming out of curiosity, some bringing friends to introduce them to some new ideas. Therefore there were 130 last time, but it is likely that number will be greatly reduced this time. Pray that God would lay it on the hearts of those who should be there. And pray specifically that He will raise up more leaders for Centers of Hope. Pray for the travel safety of everyone as we are in winter with different challenges throughout the country.
  • Abe has been asked to help the Baptist Union in reorganization in some areas—specifically in regard to the committees. Every year the committees give good reports and good recommendations—and that is the end. So the desire is to move them from committees to action forces. Not an easy task with a large organization. That will involve monthly meetings for Abe, the first being Feb 6. Pray for him as he considers what needs to be done and how to move the committee heads into a new place that will be effective in bringing changes in different areas of ministry. Pray for practical steps that people will be able to grasp—and embrace.
  • Pray for Diane as she follows up with the people from the Immanuel Prayer seminar and considers the future.

Russia is relentless in their missile and drone attacks this past month. They spent the fall testing the weak points in Ukrainian defense. This is a war of technology above all. Russia's New Year attacks on Ukrainian cities are a "stark reminder to the world that President Putin’s objective remains unchanged.  He seeks to obliterate Ukraine as an independent state and subjugate its people, denying them their democratic voice and sovereignty". (Quote from Michael Carpenter, representative to OSCE) What can we say that has not been said?


  • Continue to pray for the freedom of Ukraine—and pray for the light of Christ to shine brilliantly against the kingdom of darkness.