A few challenges with the travel, mostly meaning we got a lot of jogging in! But it went fine except that our luggage was not there in Chicago—still hanging out in Frankfurt.

However! Just a 30 minutes ago it was delivered!!! We are so blest!!! We didn’t think it would make it. The lady at the airport wasn’t too encouraging. AND here it is. We are doing well. Got phone numbers, some internet going, brochures printed, and fielding stuff about the website we are trying to get running. And it’s 3 AM in Ukraine and my eyes are still open!

Pray for Ukraine. Tomorrow is Easter. A time of grief and a time of hope. Pray that many people will hear about the resurrection in a new and more meaningful way than they have ever understood it before. My eyes still well up with tears. I think the first few times actually being in churches and talking about it are going to be hard. But God….

A Bible verse that I have been especially aware of the last two days is Psalm 29:11—The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.

Yes, Lord, I’ve quoted it and prayed it and You’ve answered.