This morning we took our breakfast to a bench beside Lake Nipissing in North Bay, ON. A beautiful peaceful moment to eat, read our Bibles and pray.

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“Tonight we gather to pray for Ukraine. It is so good to gather together and pray. Usually some people are crying, either simply because of the sadness of war or because of some new atrocities that just make you grieve. But there’s something about sharing that sorrow together and crying out to God for help together that is sweet.

“Paul goes through a list in 2 Corinthians 6 :10, which ends by saying “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing”. I think that is how I feel. There is always a sorrow which is sometimes more intense, and yet there is a peacefulness and even a rejoicing in the confidence that God is sovereign and although there is still a lot of death and suffering happening, yet He is walking through the valley personally with His children (and truly showing AMAZING kindness to people who completely deny Him!) There are so many stories: some of His amazing protection and others of Him simply providing something special to someone who has lost their home, etc.”

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And that is the privilege you have of lifting up your hearts with believers in Ukraine in their suffering. That is still one of the things that rejoices my heart, that in the midst of such divisive times God’s people have united all over the world, millions of them, in praying for Ukraine. Our hearts are often heavy for Ukraine, but everywhere we have gone, what comfort to hear others praying for Ukraine and to know that they continue to do so. It is part of bearing one another’s burdens, isn’t it?

And many people care about Ukraine outside the Christian community. In the midst of division over so many issues, Ukraine has provided a point of unity. Praise God for that.

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