Some of you asked what Abe was doing in the picture I posted last time! LOL He was illustrating the Good Samaritan and, since the focus is on evangelism, relating it to reaching out to the needy people around us who are attacked and wounded by satan and need someone to help them.


We rejoice in testimonies of people going out and evangelizing on the street. Not just waiting for someone to come to them.

Just one example in these pictures of some creativity in reaching out. The sign says “Coffee and the Incredible”. Going to a village and offering coffee—and hope—from the back of their car!



Abe also encourages them to take candy with them andgive it to ADULTS as a way of connecting. The personaltouch!! Showing Jesus’ love in a tangible way. And people respond and listen and are willing for someone at least to pray for them.

 So much more could be written.

 Women who are using Immanuel Prayer and also learning the principles of evangelism



 A group of young leaders being trained by “Abe’s” people (but more importantly “God’s” people) to evangelize teenagers. A two-day meeting that was blessed with God’s presence by their own testimony.



Yes, and people being led to the Lord and baptisms, with the vision of nurturing and discipling them and helping them to become workers in the harvest!




Yes, and much to pray about.

  • Abe is leading another workshop today (already) with his second year people. Pray that they will be strengthened and encouraged.

  • One situation is very difficult. A couple working in Kyiv have been very successful in leading people to the Lord, but the “mother” church wants to claim that this is “their” work but does not want to help at all with their financial support. This is very concerning to Abe. Our goal is to help all of these couples move to a place that they are “weaned” off of western support. We are in danger of going back to the mindset that was here in Ukraine when we came 30 plus years ago. “We are poor. We can’t do anything. We just need help.” Indeed, they are poor. They do need help. But…they can do SOMETHING! Therefore this couple will be faced with the decision of continuing their ministry without our support, or moving to another needy place to start again. Pray for Eugene and Kathy.


  • The next workshop, which is for “first year” people will be Feb 20-21. Abe and I will be going to Kyiv already on Saturday as I will have a medical checkup there on Monday. (And therefore will not likely send another message before that time.) He does not get home until tomorrow night and so will have only two days to make sure all is in place before we leave. Pray for the details!

  • Pray also that God will continue to move in the hearts of those who have come, that He will bless them as they seek to evangelize, and that He will call those who should become leaders of a Center of Hope. As I have tried to explain before, some of them already are leaders, but have not completed the training to move to the next level. But others are experiencing this training for the first time. And we desire to see “many” of them become leaders of Centers of Hope.

May this be the prayer of each of us (and you can pray it for these leaders and evangelists):

Holy Spirit, stir in my heart and call me to my knees again and again until my life’s breath is prayer. May revival start within me and spread to every person in my sphere of influence. Shatter the darkness around me with Your holiness as You awaken Your people to the reality of Your power and Your Presence in our midst!

From Harvest Ministries