SHORT VERSION: Documents successfully processed!!


I could not wait to share our success with you. I write this in the bus on the way home from Kyiv.


We left at 7 AM this morning to go in to process our documents. At 9:30 I got a note from the man who assists us that the electricity was scheduled to be turned off in that office building from 12 until 4 PM today. So we calculated our driving time and although, we had scheduled this for 2:00, by GPS we could see that we could arrive at noon. So our helper agreed to be there by 11:30 to get a number for processing. At 11:15 he sent a message that he was there—but the building was closed because there were air raid sirens. And so…we got there before 12 and it was still closed and we just hung around outside. The electricity was still working! But… LOL. Our helper did meet up with one of the ladies who works there, and she knows him because he helps a lot of missionaries. She told him when the doors opened we should come up to the second floor immediately rather than waiting for a number. And glory be, the doors opened at 12:40. We went in and Abe processed first, not knowing if at any moment the power would go off. He was successful, and then I was processed and we were done by 1:30! Now all we have to do is wait until the official document card is printed, go pick that up, and then register in Vira’s city (not going to explain that right now!) and we are good for another year!

We were prepared for all eventualities of interruptions, meaning we would wait there at that office until closing time to see if the electric came back on (which means I would have to overnight in Kyiv because buses no longer run after 5. Or if we could not manage to process at all today, again I would stay overnight and then go back in the morning, but Abe would not be able to because he has meetings scheduled, so our helper would have to stay in Kyiv another night to be there for Abe on Thursday. Yes, so many scenarios but the one we couldn’t imagine—we got done before we even expected to be at the office!!! God is so gracious and kind and gives so many good gifts. I should be home by 8 PM. Earlier than I ever expected. Our hearts are just full of praise. Take a moment and give thanks!